Friday, October 19, 2007

She's here!

Audrey Camille Perryman
10.02.07 @ 11:43pm
6.14oz 18.5in

And now... our birth story...

Monday, October 1, 2007 was our dear daughter's due date. We went in for our check up, had an ultrasound done (she looked perfect!) and had an exam done as well. I was about 3-4cm dilated, and still sitting at about 70% effaced.
That day, we went to eat a late breakfast at IHOP (we ate there the night before Adeline was born, too!). The rest of that day was filled with mild cramping and light bleeding.
That night, James & I decided to do our best at helping things progress naturally. We did. It worked. And I started to have contractions that morning around 4am. They started hard and strong and fast. Coming about every 5-7 minutes. Then, as the morning went on, they slacked off to about every 20 minutes. Around 4pm, I started running a low grade fever and was just burning up. I called my doctor's office and left a message. I was worried about having an infection and something being wrong with Baby Girl. The nurse called me back and said to go on to L&D. They'd probably wind up keeping me, so bring my things.
So, I packed.
We went to eat at Sonic (we ate Sonic the night Adeline was born). And we dropped Adeline off at my parents' home. I had a huge vanilla milkshake on my way up to L&D.
It was about 6pm when we go to the hospital. I was only 5cm dilated at this time.
I was told to walk around the hospital for an hour to see how I would progress. We walked and walked and walked. I was 8cm when we got back to the room.
They put me on the monitors, but I kept detaching them to go sit on the potty. Man, does gravity help move things along! And man does sitting in a bed really make contractions a million times worse!
No one came to check my dilation from about 8pm until right before Baby Girl came. Which kind of irritates me now, looking back.
At 11:30, I told James that I just couldn't take the pain anymore. I was ready for my epidural and I wanted it right then. I told him I was going to the bathroom and that I expected everyone to be ready with that needle. I just couldn't do it any longer.
I sat on the potty, had a major contraction, tried to pee a little bit, but then my water broke. And man - was there ever some pressure! It felt like I had the world's largest hemroid! But the more I thought about it the more I wondered if it was the baby's head coming out!
So, I yelled for James to come. I screamed, "The baby! It's the baby!" and for whatever reason, he dropped down on his knees, like he was going to catch her... Silly guy.
Sara (my good friend and neighbor) had been hanging out with us most of the evening, so she ran out to the nurse's station to tell them what was going on. Two nurses had to help me back to the bed and told me to stay put. Not to get up again. They were rolling me over trying to get the monitors back on and telling me to not push. Man, was that hard!
I was laying on my right side, James was leaning down to me, helping me breath through these never ending contractions. I told him that she was coming out and I couldn't hold her in any longer.
The nurses put my legs in the stirrups and told me not to push. I told them (err.. kind of screamed) I couldn't help it! I screamed one of those holy crap she's coming out you'd better catch her! screams. And with only one push (while the nurse had only one glove on and no doctor was to be found!) Baby Girl Perryman entered the world at 11:43pm on October 2, 2007.
She weighed 6lbs 14oz and was 18.5 inches long.
A head full of dark hair and just the most adorable little thing.

The most painful part of her delivery was having to deliver the placenta and being stitched up afterwards. The little numbing needle hurt so much! And I hated not being able to just lay back and enjoy watching the nurses mess around with the baby. I didn't get to hold her for a while because it hurt so much while they were messing with my goodies down below. I was too scared I'd drop her. But James got lots of snuggle time with his new baby daughter.

It wasn't until later on Wednesday when we decided on Audrey Camille. Audrey meaning of noble strength, and Camille after my great Aunt who passed away from cancer in 99.

I'm so blessed to have two such amazingly beautiful girls. Adeline just adores her baby sister and loves to kiss and touch her all the time. I am truly thankful.

Friday, September 7, 2007

I'm addicted to sour candies. And my poor tongue suffers because of it.
Just a little getting to know me note.

You guys, I have a big girl now. I have a two year old. She's HUGE. She's gained at least 40lbs over the past week and has grown several inches. The truth of it is, she's only gained 4lbs the past year and has grown several inches. But in my eyes- she's practically a teenager.
Thursday, August 30, 2007 Adeline turned two. We went to Chuck E. Cheese's for a while with friends and I think they had a blast. She reminded me of myself on my 21st birthday, passing out instantly when we strapped her into her seat. (I kid, I kid).
She's just the sweetest, most beautiful little girl in the world. I look into her eyes and I see all these possibilities. And I see all these things God can do with her life. And I pray so hard that she will learn life the easy way. That she won't make the same mistakes that I've made. That's she'll listen to James & I. That's she'll love us despite our flaws on mistakes we've made. I have so many hopes and dreams for this little girl. But my main hope is that she'll love God with all her heart and she'll want to make Him happy.

It's absolutely overwhelming, the feelings a mom has for her daughter. I don't know if anyone can put it into words. You just don't truly know until you're holding this little person in your arms. And the most amazing thing is- God loves us like that! God loves us MORE than we could possibly love our children. And that is where the pure joy of being God's child comes in for me.
I'm honored, I'm unworthy for a Father to love me like He does. I'm unclean, I'm dirty, but He will always be there to wash me clean. It's amazing.

And now... a picture to show you what a blessed mommy I am!
(And to think - God is blessing me all over again with another little girl!)

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I must be nesting...

I have done so much this week. Well, so much for me. I've washed every article of clothing in this house. And eventhough there's only the three of us, we have so much stuff.
I have made mine & James' bedroom a nice place to relax. Somehow our room becomes the collect-all for the house, hopefully this will stop now that it's back to being a place of rest and relaxation.
I put all of Adeline's clothing into her big girl room's closet. I have put all the baby's clothing in the nursery's closet. I'm still awaiting the arrival of Adeline's dresser. Hopefully it'll be here before we head off to Florida.
I still need to take the bedding off the crib and rewash it all. But I can't untie the little ties on the bumper pad. I need someone with nails to help me.
I've been scrapbooking like crazy. Which is so great. I love doing it and I love writing little notes to Adeline in it.

It's been, on average, 100 degrees out. This is no fun with an almost two year old while 8.5 months pregnant. Note to self: Stop having late summer/early fall babies.

On to the Florida trip. My husband is an electrical engineer and is currently subcontracted to work at the air force base near where we live. He & his group have been working on a project for over two years now - and it's finally(!!!!) ready to be tested. The location is set for an af base in Florida, right outside of Destin. The latest I've heard though, is that we're staying in Fort Walton instead of Destin. But that's not a problem for me!
We just couldn't justify spending the money for a vacation this summer. So this is a special little gift for us! This will be Adeline's first time at the beach and the second time for James and I. We were pregnant with Adeline the first time we went.
Adeline will be turning two while on this vacation, and it's so special that we'll all be together.
Now we just have to decide if we should through a birthday party for her when we get back...
We'll see...

This is a blundering mess... I need to shower before the little munchkin wakes from her nap.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Things have been terribly busy lately.

My dad went into the ER last Sunday. My mom was told that his kidneys had shut down and it would only be a little while before his other organs would as well. Hospice was sent to talk with her.
My dad is in a regular room at the hospital now. He is fine. And by fine, I mean as good as it gets when one has COPD and numerous other health factors.

Turns out, he was severely dehydrated (why his kidneys weren't working - they had nothing to work with). He still has pneumonia and a little bit of an infection where there was some aspiration. He's doing much better.
God is good!

My dad has battled with chronic lung disorder (some of his doctors say it's chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, some say it's something else, but they don't know what) for years. Ever since I was 3, 22 years ago.
While I know he thought it was the most awful thing, to not be able to work, at the time I just thought I was the luckiest little girl to have my daddy home with me everyday.

Anyways, things have been busy. God has been putting in some overtime with my dad.

I want to leave you with a funny little quote taken from It pretty much sums up my feelings from this past week.

She rolled over, hugged it, and then looked back at both of us and said, “You guys are my friends.”

You think you’re going to be prepared for the sheer incredibleness of such a moment, but it’s like, someone keeps setting off pipe bombs on your front porch and throwing rocks through your windows, and then one day out of nowhere they show up and mow your lawn. And you’re suddenly glad you didn’t shoot them last week.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Had a great day scrapbooking with some friends. Wasn't nearly as productive as I was hoping to be, but fellowship is way more fun.
Some pictures from the last few days.

big smiles at a cook out

pig tails

reading to her baby

helping with laundry... can't you tell?

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

times a wastin'

I waste more time than I'd like to admit playing around on the computer. I like to read blogs (or livejournal) . I check my email, facebook, and occasionally pretend shop. Which is where I load the "shopping cart" with a million things and then log off. It's a complete waste of time. But I've found that it saves us thousands of dollars (or like $60) a month by my doing this.

I have, however, purchased a few things lately. But they are needed.
Yesterday I bought a chest for Adeline's big girl room (pictures are still to come... she's always napping when I think to take pictures). It should be here next week.

I also ordered a new baby carrier for Pasqauli. I preciously had two for Adeline. One from that I absolutely adored.

And I had my good friend Robyn make a custom mei tai for me. You can visit her aweosme talents at bayoue bebe'.
Unfortunately, I loaned both these carriers out to a friend over a year ago and have yet to get them back. For fear of being baby carrier-less I bought the Beco Baby Carrier.

It will be here on Friday, and I cannot wait! There are tons of reasons to "wear" your baby. You can check them out here.

Anyways. There's a load of Adeline's clothes in the dryer and a load of mine in the wash. I suppose I should do a little something productive during this nap today!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

a picture post

Because we all like pictures...

This is the lovely diaper cake that Miss April made for us! It's so beautiful, and she's incredibly talented! You should check her site out and check out her new business decobrations.

Look at all the loot we scored at our baby shower! Diapers have never been so exciting!

I've been scrapbooking a bit. Here are a few shots of some pages:

On the choo choo at Uncle Dave Macon Days

Monday, July 23, 2007

Check, check, check

God works hard in my life! I should be more patient.
We found a car that we could afford. It's a super nice 2003 Honda Pilot. It has 75,500 miles on it (that's why it was cheaper!yay!), leather interior, and a dvd player. Which, actually, isn't as awesome as I thought it would be. Kind of hard to hide it from a two year old who wants to watch her Melmo (elmo) on it.

We have also checked a few things off of our big to do list before the baby gets here. We approximately have 10 more weeks until our due date. How exciting!
Adeline is officially sleeping in her big girl bed & in her big girl room. It is painted and semi decorated. I still have a few things to change out (the closets & dressers), but other than that - things are going more smoothly than I thought.
I need to wash & put away all the 0-3 months clothes. And wash all the crib bedding (bumper pads & things), then the nursery will be all ready for Miss Pasquali.

James' big project he's been working on for the past two years is finally coming to an end. They will be testing in Eglin Airforce Base this coming August & September. We are so blessed to be able to go and stay with him and enjoy some time on the beach in Destin, Florida. How awesome to have a wonderful (free!) vacation on the beach as a family of three. This will be our second and final vacation of the three of us.
Of course, Adeline & I wont be staying the entire time. So many prayers for safe travels driving alone for 8 hours with an almost two year old are welcome!

There are just so many fun and exciting things going on in our life right now. God is good and it's just so awesome to His work. He's giving us lots to think and pray about.
We have friends who have had a job offer out of state. While this is completely heartbreaking, I know it's exciting to see what God is doing in their life. They still haven't accepted or declined the position and are still praying about where God wants them.

This post is all over the place. A picture post coming soon.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

frazzled female... that's me!

We (the Monday night Bible study group) finished a bible study called The Frazzled Female (by Cindi Wood). It's all about finding God's Peace in our daily lives. Boy, do I need a refresher course of this entire study today!

I am completely overwhelmed, the kind that brings you to your knees in tears and then in prayers. I know it's mostly my overactive hormones, but there's other things there too.
-Frustrations with my husband (because of his lack of enthusiasm to finish projects before Pasquali gets here).
-Frustrations with all things State Farm and their inability to close out a claim to a wreck that happened on the 6th of JUNE.
-Frustrations with the husband again for not being enthusiastic on finding a car to replace the rental that we are paying for (apparently we have all sorts of cash that I don't know about...)
-And my frustrations with myself for not being able to lay it all down before God and let him carry it for me.

In fact, I can't even start to think about it without the tears falling down. And I'm frustrated with myself for not asking for help. But only assuming that my husband knows I need it.

Of course, then there's the guilt that comes with being so abundantly blessed and crying over such silly things. God's given me so much. A great husband (see, I can even admit he's great when I'm irritated with him), two great children (one who is completely easy to take care of), an awesome house that I'm able to get annoyed at, the ability to drive, the ability to buy a new (for me) car. So much to be thankful for. And yet... I'm still annoyed.

Maybe it's okay to be annoyed? Maybe it's okay to be frustrated to tears. Maybe God gives me these little trials to open my eyes, bow before Him and thank Him for these frustrations.
It's really all about praising Him in the storm. No matter if it's a sprinkle or a downpour. God wants me to realize that He's blessing me at all times.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

28 weeks and counting

Today I had my 28 week checkup for little Ms Pasquali. She is measuring right at 28 weeks. Heart rate was 156/minute. I'm up 2lbs (yay for Pasquali, boo for mommy), my blood pressure was great too. My only complaint the oh so exciting Rhogham shot I had to have in my left hip.

Adeline made a new bestfriend in the doctor's office. It amazes me at how quickly little kids can just bond and be friends. A little girl, Jadin,3, and Adeline played with the blocks, carried buckets around, and looked at the fishies. When we were in line to check out, Jadin came around the corner and yelled, "There she is, Mommy!" and rushed towards Adeline. After we made our next appointment Adeline turned the Jadin and told her "Bye!" and blew kisses. (Things that make a mother so proud!)

We start having appointments every two weeks now. This means I need a babysitter. I'll start having exams everytime soon, and I can only imagine what a big helper Adeline will want to be!
12 weeks left until our due date. I cannot believe it's gone so quickly!
While I'm so excited about this new little family member, I'm scared to death as to how I'm going to be a mommy of two. Will Adeline do well with her baby sister? Will I do well with this baby sister? Will Adeline feel neglected? Or will she just take to being a big sister easily?
This is where prayers get me through. I just have to remember to lift it all up to God and he'll take care of the rest.
I am so thankful that I don't have to do this alone. I always have His help with all things that I do.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Baby names

One of the most difficult parts of being pregnant, for me, is finding that perfect name for my unborn child. There is so much that goes into this decision. Does it flow well with the last name? Does is fit together with subsequent children's names? Is it too difficult or too popular or just plain too weird?

We have a very short list compiled of names so far. At least with naming Adeline, we had a middle name to work with. This time, we're completely clueless.

Camille - I love this name for many reasons. I think it's sweet and classic, which goes well with the big sister's name. Also, my great aunt, whom was very special to me, had Camilla as a middle name. I would love to name a daughter after my Aunt Sylvia.

Audrey - Another name I adore because it's classic and sweet. I always think of Audry Hepburn. And how much lovelier can a girl be?

Lorelei - Because I am a die hard Gilmore Girls fan, I love this name. But, truthfully, I love this name because it's also an older name and isn't very popular. This name would, however have to be paired with a one syllable middle name, and I think we would go with Jane as that's my mother-in-law's name.

Lilly/Lilith/Lillian - James loves Lilly. I love Lilly when I was pregnant with Adeline. Now, I just like it. It's a bit too popular for my tastes. But, it's still a very pretty name.

And that's about it. There are tons of names that I don't want to name our daughter. But there's hardly anything fantastic that I want to name her.

Any suggestions?

Thursday, July 5, 2007

the 4th of July - toddler beds

Yesterday was so much fun! My sweet, dear husband let me sleep in until...get this... 10:00 in the morning! How good is he!
Adeline was fed and semi-clean, which truly is more than I could have asked for.
When I woke up, we all hung out together, we watched some tv, played games, and just watched in wonder as Adeline did what Adeline does (which is pretty much everything & anything).
It's so awesome to be apart of her life. I know every mother thinks their children are the smartest and most amazing creatures on the earth - and it's true. To see your child not be able to do something one day, then the next master it and move on... it's just an amazing responsibility.


We met up with our KeyGroup friends from church. Who are not just 'church friends', but who are true awesome friends. We went to MTSU's campus to watch the fireworks.

This is Element 26's third annual 4th of July get together. Our family's second year attending.

James wore himself out, running the kids around in the wagon. This is him after he conked out for a bit on the blanket before the fireworks began.
He's a pretty good sport for allowing me to post pictures like this. You can see that Adeline made her daddy pretty and put her bow in his hair.

Adeline made best friends with April, who so kindly shared her Ritter's Frozen Custard with her.
April & her husband, Brandon, are in the process of being approved for adoption right now. And I for one cannot wait until they have their own children. It's awesome to watch them with Adeline & all the other kiddies.

The show started at 9pm, and we all just sat in awe of the fireworks. Adeline really enjoyed them this year, which is great, since I was worried she'd be scared of the noise.

In other news...

Adeline is asleep in her big girl bed right now. I think this may be an easy transition for her. We shall see.
We painted one and one half walls yesterday during nap time. Another reason why my husband rocks. I started painting, and realized that I'm not very good at it. Trim work- I'm great at. Regular old painting, not so much.

Hopefully by the weekend, we'll have her bedroom finished painting and I can start working on moving her things in.

Our Sunday school class is throwing us a baby shower on Saturday. I cannot wait to see what Ms. April has made for the baby!
Lots of pictures & more fun things to come.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

because sleep is over rated

I think if I were to actually lay my head down, I would drift off. But, with all that's swirling around, it's just not a possibility.

So, a little list to help get it out & to probably raise my already high anxiety levels:

1. Paint Adeline's big girl room and move some toys in.
2. Move things out of Adeline's BGR's closet and find new homes for them.
3. Move all things out of the nursery's closet and into Adeline's BGR's closet.
4. Remove all nursery bedding, wash, dry, and replace on crib & wall.
5. Set up nursery from being toddler-style to newborn-style.
6. Have Adeline start sleeping in her big girl bed.
7. Have a living room again minus a million toys (atleast for a short period of time).
8. Name this kiddo. Pasquali just isn't going to do it.
9. Find a car that we can afford and that isn't a big lemon.
10. Find & Purchase a dresser for Adeline's BGR.

Oh, I know there's so much more...

Girl's night out

First, I have to say that God is just amazing to me. He is always faithful and always better than anything I could imagine!

I've truly been blessed to have some of the most awesome people in my life. True, God ordained, friendships are few and far between, and God has just showered my family with a terrific group of people. God is good!

We had a girl's night out, last night. Eight of us girls got together to have pedicures and dinner. Afterwards, some of us went out for coffee and more chit chatting. We all had such a great time! It's so good to get out and pamper yourself sometimes! It's a must, especially when your's always so busy with every day life.

Some pictures from lastnight:

From right to left : Heather, Myself, Tiffany, April, Shannon, Julie, Kimbo, and Charity.

After all that hard work, we had some very attractive toes. Awesome flip-flop tan lines and all!

Needless to say, thought I have, we had a great time!