Saturday, August 11, 2007

Things have been terribly busy lately.

My dad went into the ER last Sunday. My mom was told that his kidneys had shut down and it would only be a little while before his other organs would as well. Hospice was sent to talk with her.
My dad is in a regular room at the hospital now. He is fine. And by fine, I mean as good as it gets when one has COPD and numerous other health factors.

Turns out, he was severely dehydrated (why his kidneys weren't working - they had nothing to work with). He still has pneumonia and a little bit of an infection where there was some aspiration. He's doing much better.
God is good!

My dad has battled with chronic lung disorder (some of his doctors say it's chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, some say it's something else, but they don't know what) for years. Ever since I was 3, 22 years ago.
While I know he thought it was the most awful thing, to not be able to work, at the time I just thought I was the luckiest little girl to have my daddy home with me everyday.

Anyways, things have been busy. God has been putting in some overtime with my dad.

I want to leave you with a funny little quote taken from It pretty much sums up my feelings from this past week.

She rolled over, hugged it, and then looked back at both of us and said, “You guys are my friends.”

You think you’re going to be prepared for the sheer incredibleness of such a moment, but it’s like, someone keeps setting off pipe bombs on your front porch and throwing rocks through your windows, and then one day out of nowhere they show up and mow your lawn. And you’re suddenly glad you didn’t shoot them last week.

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