Wednesday, August 1, 2007

times a wastin'

I waste more time than I'd like to admit playing around on the computer. I like to read blogs (or livejournal) . I check my email, facebook, and occasionally pretend shop. Which is where I load the "shopping cart" with a million things and then log off. It's a complete waste of time. But I've found that it saves us thousands of dollars (or like $60) a month by my doing this.

I have, however, purchased a few things lately. But they are needed.
Yesterday I bought a chest for Adeline's big girl room (pictures are still to come... she's always napping when I think to take pictures). It should be here next week.

I also ordered a new baby carrier for Pasqauli. I preciously had two for Adeline. One from that I absolutely adored.

And I had my good friend Robyn make a custom mei tai for me. You can visit her aweosme talents at bayoue bebe'.
Unfortunately, I loaned both these carriers out to a friend over a year ago and have yet to get them back. For fear of being baby carrier-less I bought the Beco Baby Carrier.

It will be here on Friday, and I cannot wait! There are tons of reasons to "wear" your baby. You can check them out here.

Anyways. There's a load of Adeline's clothes in the dryer and a load of mine in the wash. I suppose I should do a little something productive during this nap today!

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Vietnam Baby Girl Smith said...

So..I want that carrier when you get done. Seriously!! I will trade something for it or something..I dunno! I posted a picture of that same carrier on my blog about 2 monthgs ago trying to find the fabric. I LoVE it. I got Brandon a Baby Bjorn on craiglist for 25.00 and it has never been used. I wanted him to have a manly carrier.