Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I must be nesting...

I have done so much this week. Well, so much for me. I've washed every article of clothing in this house. And eventhough there's only the three of us, we have so much stuff.
I have made mine & James' bedroom a nice place to relax. Somehow our room becomes the collect-all for the house, hopefully this will stop now that it's back to being a place of rest and relaxation.
I put all of Adeline's clothing into her big girl room's closet. I have put all the baby's clothing in the nursery's closet. I'm still awaiting the arrival of Adeline's dresser. Hopefully it'll be here before we head off to Florida.
I still need to take the bedding off the crib and rewash it all. But I can't untie the little ties on the bumper pad. I need someone with nails to help me.
I've been scrapbooking like crazy. Which is so great. I love doing it and I love writing little notes to Adeline in it.

It's been, on average, 100 degrees out. This is no fun with an almost two year old while 8.5 months pregnant. Note to self: Stop having late summer/early fall babies.

On to the Florida trip. My husband is an electrical engineer and is currently subcontracted to work at the air force base near where we live. He & his group have been working on a project for over two years now - and it's finally(!!!!) ready to be tested. The location is set for an af base in Florida, right outside of Destin. The latest I've heard though, is that we're staying in Fort Walton instead of Destin. But that's not a problem for me!
We just couldn't justify spending the money for a vacation this summer. So this is a special little gift for us! This will be Adeline's first time at the beach and the second time for James and I. We were pregnant with Adeline the first time we went.
Adeline will be turning two while on this vacation, and it's so special that we'll all be together.
Now we just have to decide if we should through a birthday party for her when we get back...
We'll see...

This is a blundering mess... I need to shower before the little munchkin wakes from her nap.


Vietnam Baby Girl Smith said...

So ya'll are awesome for the drink thing and keeping the kids. We will never be able to express our gratitude to you guys. We are so blessed and soo thankful! We appreciate this!! I love the phrase "blundering mess" ..made me laugh!

Vietnam Baby Girl Smith said...

Hey...I tagged you. Visit my blog to see!

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